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Where there’s a woman, there’s a way.

Where there’s a woman, there’s a way.


The National Association of Women’s Prison Reform was born out of a strong desire to change the way women re-enter the workforce after serving their prison time. Inspired by our founder Jennifer Rogers’ true story of great injustice and great success, we are committed to training, hiring and teaching women how to thrive after prison. With the right tools, women can access more than just day-to-day employment; they can secure high paying jobs with benefits, identify their strengths and find their voice. Now in the top 1% of women in sales for the last nine years, Jennifer leads our mission by setting an example of the modern model citizen. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we are committed to expanding our services to support women across the country, helping them achieve the equality they deserve. 

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Harnessing the power of justice to help formerly incarcerated women establish themselves in the workforce. 


By empowering formerly incarcerated women to advance their careers with companies that are seeking outsourced calling support, we are bridging the gap between time behind bars and a life worth living. 

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The National Association of Women’s Prison Reform is a new Atlanta-based business dedicated to creating economic opportunity for women who have completed their prison sentences and are rejoining society at large. 


The Company recognizes the obstacles women coming out of prison face in attaining jobs, retaining jobs, and gaining good economic opportunities. While non-profit organizations exist to help former inmates’ transition back into their lives, NAWPR acknowledges that in a capitalist society, it takes a for-profit organization to generate economic opportunity by hiring employees, paying them a living wage, and offering them performance- based incentives. 


Proof is in the process, and our process—from discovery to execution—is focused entirely on driving sales wherever you need them. Our best-in-class sales training ensure we have a ready pipeline of outstanding sales talent. At the same time, our investment in advanced technology enables us to be swift and responsive as we deploy that talent for unique strategic engagements.


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