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America’s justice system has seen skyrocketing rates of incarceration since the 1970s. Often inmates who complete their sentences and attempt to transition back into society face enormous obstacles in retaining gainful employment. The difficulty is often compounded for female inmates, who often find that their only employment options involve menial, low-paid work that will not help them support their families. The National Association for Women’s Prison Reform (“NAWPR,” also referred to as “the Company”) will be a new business dedicated to helping formerly incarcerated women by hiring them and training them to do jobs that have high earning potential. NAWPR will handle outsourced direct sales for large corporations. The Company will pay its employees a living wage, plus sales bonuses and benefits, giving them an opportunity that many incarcerated women dare not hope for.

NAWPR will benefit from its founder’s status as a top sales performer and as a prison reform influencer. The Company will capitalize on her reputation, as well as on her ability to train sales teams and execute effective sales campaigns. Through Ms. Rogers’ efforts, NAWPR has already attracted one major client that will help the Company establish itself as a start-up business. The Company will also network heavily among its target customer base and build a professional website to advertise its services to prospective customers.

The founder, Jennifer Rogers, a formerly incarcerated woman, has created a successful life for herself through a very unique set of skills. She is using these skills to train and replicate her unique way of selling to change the landscape for other women being released from prison. Ms. Rogers currently works as Manager of Inside Sales Account Development and Outside Sales at Kabbage, Inc., where she helps with the growth of new business acquisition. Her main objective in this role is to bring new clients to Kabbage, Inc through prospecting via Inside and Outside Sales. Prior to joining Kabbage, Ms. Rogers worked as Head of Sales Operations at Bench Craft Company, where she handled advertising sales and managed a team of 20 to 30 inside sales representatives. She recruited, hired, and trained employees on cold calling and lead generation, prepared sales reports, and established a referral network with local businesses. Through Jennifer Rogers’ tenure of her life after release, she has been able to create a six-figure income for herself through selling over the phone.

Jennifer Rogers is transforming the lives of incarcerated women and men all over the world. More than just a CEO and Founder of National Association of Women's Prison Reform, Jennifer Rogers is a Prison Reform Expert.  Her popular talks have inspired an array of organizations all of over the United States. As a visionary and intense observer of highly successful sales leaders and teams. Jennifer has learned that the key to women and men achieving success is having access to life skills, sales training, and employment tailored to each of them. Inspiring and energizing audiences with her engaging story telling. Jennifer shares her knowledge with excitement and passion. Her ability to masterfully blend insight and encouragement with just the right dose of reality makes her the consistently top-rated keynote speaker at conferences. Jennifer influences thousands of individuals each year with her innate ability to connect personally with audience members.

Whether you are trying to motivate and inspire your staff, inmates, church congregation, youth, turn the bottom 80% into the top 20%, or seeking a keynote that will be remembered long after your event, Jennifer will deliver a tailored session that will encourage and inspire each attendee to become stronger, more empowered and more productive than ever before.


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